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Doris P Adjustable Barstool

Doris P Adjustable Barstool - The Ultimate in Comfort  |  Breakfast Bar Stools
Doris P Adjustable Barstool - The Ultimate in Comfort  |  Breakfast Bar Stools Doris P Adjustable Barstool - The Ultimate in Comfort  |  Breakfast Bar Stools Doris P Adjustable Barstool - The Ultimate in Comfort  |  Breakfast Bar Stools Doris P Adjustable Barstool - The Ultimate in Comfort  |  Breakfast Bar Stools
The Ultimate Barstool,
26 colours of Real Leather,
30 colours of Eco Leather,
13 Colours of Woollen Fabric.
Mirror Chrome or Brushed Steel Base,
Weighted Base for stability
Matching Chairs
Product Brand: Peressini
Base Type and Finish
Upholstery Cover
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Doris Barstool – Very Comfortable

The Doris P Barstool is incredibly comfortable. It is like a high Tub Chair. Once you have sat on a Doris Barstool, then you will find that no other barstool comes close to it for comfort. The back gives you great support and it envelopes you in a warm embrace. The seat is a generous size and well padded.  You could sit in a Doris Barstool all day long if you wanted.

Wide Variety of Upholstery covers
Doris Barstools can be upholstered in any of the following:-
  • 30 Shades of Eco Leather (A high Quality Man Made Leather Lookalike.) - Category A
  • 14 Shades of Real Leather Standard. (These Leather shades are held in stock) - Category C
  • 12 Shades of Real Leather Extra. (Special Colours to order) - Category D
  • 13 Shades of Facet Woollen Fabric. (70% Wool) - Category B
To View all of the Upholstery Ranges and Colours click the Highlighted link.

Doris Stools are proving so popular that they are being offered with 5 different Bases Now. Base No. 53 was the original one, so it is shown in the main picture but see the other bases below:-

As you can see there are three bases with Square Weighted Base Plates and two with Round Weighted Base Plates.
Base No. 50 is available with Mirror Chrome or Black Chrome finish (Which is like a smoked Chrome finish - See Picture)
Base No. 52 is available with Mirror Chrome or Brushed Steel finish.
Base Nos. 51, 53 and 54 are only available with Mirror Chrome Finish.

We recommend Base No. 52 with the Brushed Steel finish, because the Brushed Steel hides dust and scratches better than the Mirror Chrome. Also the flat weighted base in Mirror Chrome Finish acts just like a mirror on the floor reflecting the underside of the bar stool seat and your worktop, which may not be as attractive as the top surface. Also we have had comments from Ladies wearing short skirts saying that maybe the mirror chrome base plate shows more than they would like....   

Explanation of Different uses
We should warn you that the Doris P barstool is not suitable for use at a breakfast bar if you are planning to eat a meal with a knife and fork (as opposed to finger snacks or drinks). The reason for this is that when you are eating with a knife and fork, you want to be sitting very close to and almost above the plate. If the Doris P armchair is placed at the suitable position for this, then the arms hit on the edge of the breakfast bar and stop it rotating. Hence you cannot get into or out of the barstool.

If you want to use a Doris stool at a breakfast bar, then the Doris S stool is the one to choose. You will see that the arms are cut back, which allows the stool to turn. There is a separate listing for Doris S Barstools. Click the highlighted link to view the Doris S listing.

However the Doris P barstool is fantastic for use at a drinks bar or for sitting back from a breakfast bar. It is ideal for use in commercial bars also.

Tested with Heavy Weights
Doris stools have been tested by applying a 200 kg (440 pounds - over 31 stone) weight to the seat 10 times. They passed this test. That does not mean that we would recommend a man weighing 31 stone should sit on the stool all day long. However the stools are very robust and they can hold a substantial weight.  

Seat Width............................................  50 cm (19.6 inches)
Seat Depth (Front to back inside)............46 cm (18 inches)
Seat Height adjusts from .......................56 cm (22 Inches) to 82 Cm (32.3 inches)
Width Across the back...........................55 Cm (21.6 inches)
Overall Depth Front to Back.................  58 cm (22.8 inches)
Base................................................... 43 cm Diameter ( 17 inches Dia.)

Matching Chairs
If you have an Open Plan kitchen/dining area, then we have a wide selection of Doris P Armchairs and the Doris S Side chairs which will match. So you can have barstools and dining chairs in the same style and upholstered in the same fabric, which looks fabulous. To see some examples Click Here.

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