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Luxury Barstools in Stock

Matching Stools & Chairs (7 Products)

There are Many Open Plan areas, with a Kitchen and Dining Area in one large room. We supply a large number of Bar Stools which have Matching Chairs so that there is a co-ordinated Design Theme throughout. Naturally we can cover the Bar Stools and the Chairs in the same colour of leather or fabric.  
Doris S Bar Stools and Chairs
Doris S Bar Stools
Matching Doris S Chairs
Also Matching Doris P Chairs
Choose the upholstery Colour
Choose the Bar Stool Base.
Choose the Chair Legs/Base.
For a Totally Co-ordinate effect
Doris P Bar Stools & Chairs
Doris P Bar Stools
Matching Doris P Chairs
Also Doris S Chairs will Match
6 Different Bar Stool Bases
11 Different Chair Legs/ Bases
Choose the Upholstery Colour
Choose the Stool & Chair Bases
City R Bar Stool & Chair
City R Bar Stools.
Matching City R Chairs.
4 Shades of Veneer for Backs.
6 Different bases for Bar Stools.
10 Different Bases for the Chairs.
20 Colours of Real Leather
30 Colours of Eco Leather.
Ego Bar Stools & Chairs
Ego Adjustable Bar Stools

Matching Ego Chairs

6 Different Bar Stool Bases.

10 Styles of Chair legs or Bases

20 Colours of Real Leather

30 Colours of Eco Leather

Ideal for Open Plan Areas

Fashion Bar Stools & Chairs
Fashion Bar Stools

Matching Fashion Chairs

Choice of 6 Bar Stool Bases

and 11 Chair Legs / Bases

As well as 20 Colours of Leather

and 30 Colours of Eco Leather

Glamour P Stools & Chairs
Matching Glamour P Chairs

and Matching Adjustable Bar Stools

11 Different Styles of Chair Leg

6 Designs of Bar Stool Base

Real Leather or Eco Leather

Glamour S Bar Stool and Matching Chair
Glamour S Adjustable Bar Stool

Matching Glamour S Chair

Choose from 6 Bar stool bases

Choose from 11 Chair Bases

30 Colours of Eco Leather

20 Colours of Real Leather