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  • Doris S Chair - All Bases

    Doris S Chair - All Bases

    From: £255.00
    Comfortable & Popular Dining Chair
    10 different Leg/ Base Designs
    30 Colours of Real Leather Cover
    27 Colours of Eco Leather
    Matches with Doris P Chair
    and Doris Bar Stools
    Great for Open Plan Layout
  • Doris S Adjustable Bar Stool

    Doris S Adjustable Bar Stool

    From: £422.00

    Supremely Comfortable Breakfast Bar stools.
    30 colours of Real Leather,
    27 colours of Eco Leather.
    6 different adjustable Steel Bases.
    Weighted Base for stability.
    Also 4 Leg Fixed Height Steel Base.
    Matching Chairs for Open Plan Layouts.


  • Steve Adjustable Bar Stool.

    Steve Adjustable Bar Stool.

    From: £360.00
    27 Colours of Eco Leather,
    30 colours of Real Leather,
    6 Different Weighted Bases,
    9 Different Base Finishes
    Weighted Base for stability.
    Near Match Dining Chair
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Luxury Bar Stools and Matching Luxury Chairs

Our Luxury Bar Stools come in a variety of styles, including Luxury Leather Bar Stools, Luxury Swivel Bar Stools, Luxury Adjustable Bar Stools, and Luxury Breakfast Bar Stools designed for use at a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Our High Quality Bar Stools are made from durable materials such as leather, velvet, tweed or Eco Leather, and they are designed with a focus on aesthetics and detailing. In addition to their luxurious appearance, they are also designed to be comfortable for extended periods of sitting, with cushioned seats and backrests and ergonomic designs that reduce strain on the back and legs.

Our Luxury Kitchen Bar Stools are designed to be the perfect height for use at a kitchen island, while Luxury Adjustable Bar Stools can be adjusted in height to fit almost any counter or bar height. Luxury Swivel Bar Stools provide added convenience and mobility, allowing for easy movement and access to different areas of a room. All of these Luxury bar stools are built to last, with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship that ensure durability and longevity.

Overall, luxury bar stools are an excellent choice for those who value both style and comfort. They add a touch of luxury to any space, from high-end restaurants to luxury homes, and provide a comfortable and enjoyable seating experience for home owners, guests and customers alike. When searching for luxury bar stools, look for those made from high-quality materials and featuring exceptional design and craftsmanship, like our ones, to ensure that you get the best possible value for your investment.

Many of our Luxury Bar Stools have Matching Chairs, which is ideal for open plan kitchen/ dining. So you can have Dining Chairs in the same style and upholstered in the same colour of Leather as your Bar Stools. This co-ordinates the whole open plan area.