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Ego Adjustable Bar Stool
Ego Adjustable Bar Stool
Ego Adjustable Bar Stool
Ego Adjustable Bar Stool
Ego Adjustable Bar Stool
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Ego Adjustable Bar Stool

Fabulous Modern Shape
Chairs that Match the Bar Stools
26 Colours of Real Leather covers
28 Colours of Eco Leather (Man Made Leather Lookalike)
6 Designs of Heavy Weighted Base
Brushed Steel, Mirror Chrome or Black Chrome Finishes.
Also New Charcoal and Satin Silver EPC finishes

Product Information

The Ego Bar Stool is the most expensive Bar Stool in our range.  There are two reasons for this:-

1) Just like the human body, all bar stools seats require a "skeleton" which forms the basic shape of the seat and gives the strength to hold and support weight. Most bar stool seats, including the Ego Bar Stool, have Skeletons made from laminated plywood which is created in a former from layers of veneered wood that are bonded together under high pressure in the shape required. In the case of the Ego Bar Stool, the shape of the seat is so complex that TWO laminated ply shapes are required. Then those two shapes are bonded together to create the final seat shape.

2) The time taken to fit the foam and upholster the Ego Bar Stool seat is almost twice as long as the time for most other seats, because of the complex shape.

Having said all of that, the Ego Bar stool is extremely comfortable and a great long term investment in style and quality. If you will be using the stools extensively for long periods, then comfort is a major consideration. 

There are matching Ego Dining Chairs which are featured on another page of our website. (Click the highlighted link to view the chairs).

Ego Bar Stools can be fitted with 6 different styles of base:-

All Bases available for Ego Adjustable Bar Stools.

So Bases 50, 51, 53 and 54 can be supplied in Mirror Chrome or Black Chrome (Titanium) or Charcoal or Nickel Satin Silver Epoxy Powder Coated Finishes.

Bases 52 and 55 are available in Mirror Chrome or Brushed Steel Finishes.

Please note that the Gas Column must always be Chrome Finish, because Chrome is the hardest metal to resist the constant rubbing caused by the rise and fall & rotating of the bar stool. So the Brushed Steel, Charcoal and Satin Silver finish bases all have chrome gas columns.

The Black Chrome bases are supplied with Black Chrome Gas Columns as standard.  Also we recommend getting Black Chrome Gas columns with the Charcoal EPC Bases, because they tone in much better than the mirror chrome gas columns. However we should warn you that the Black Chrome gas columns are an optional extra.

We recommend selecting brushed steel, Charcoal or Satin Silver EPC bases in preference to the mirror chrome bases for three reasons:-

1)  In real life there is dust. Dust shows up more on the mirror chrome than the other finishes.

2) In real life the bases can get scratched. Scratches are less obvious on the other finishes.   

3) The mirror chrome weighted base on the floor is like a mirror. It reflects everything above it. If a girl has a short skirt there can be a modesty issue.  N.B. We can supply brushed steel square or round weighted bases (The part on the floor) fitted to all of the mirror chrome bases. These are optional extras. Please ask for more information. 

The seats can be upholstered in any one of 26 colours of real leather or 28 colours of Eco Leather (A High Quality Man Made Material that looks and feels like leather, but at a lower cost.) To view all Upholstery options, please click the highlighted link. You will see the leather sample card but if you scroll down you will see the Eco Leather sample card below, complete with some comments and recommendations.

We can upholster the bar stools and chairs in a range of fire retardant velvet or tweed fabrics as well. However we feel that bar stools in particular are prone to spillages of food and drink. These spillages can be wiped off Leather or Eco Leather quite easily but they may soak into fabric coverings staining and discolouring them. Having said that, if you want a fabric cover or a special non standard cover then please ask for more information.  

We have sample cards with cuttings of the leather or Eco Leather in all colours - One sample card with 26 Real Leather samples and a separate sample card with 28 Eco Leather Samples. We are happy to post these to customers living in Britain or Ireland. However we do ask that note your colour selection and then return them as soon as possible because they are in constant high demand. 

We handled a large project with Ego Bar Stools and chairs recently.  Please click the Highlighted link to view this whole project:-


Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
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Martin Shaw - Biddenham, Near Milton Keynes

Excellent customer service, I could not fault Graeme from start to finish ...helpful, proactive, response time fantastic, cost efficient...a service which you don't really get these days. I would have no problem recommending him and his company to anyone.

Thanks for your help and service Graeme !!

(Martin Shaw bought 6 Ego Stools, 8 Ego Dining chairs & 2 Ego Office Chairs as well as a Dining Table, Sideboard and a Desk)