Fixed Height Stools

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  • Lara Swivel Bar Stool

    Lara Swivel Bar Stool

    ONE Available from Stock
    Fixed Height Swivel Stool,
    Seat – Black Faux Leather or recovered to your choice,
    Frame - Mirror Chrome,
    Seat Height – 78 cm
    Height can be reduced
Some people don't like stools that spin round and adjust in height.  We offer these fixed height rigid stools for those people.  For example young children are probably safer on a stool  that does not spin. In addition, older kids can drive you mad spinning round and going up and down on an adjustable stool.   
A standard Breakfast Bar, or Island unit, is level with the remaining kitchen worktops with an overall height of about 91 cm to the top surface. We recommend a bar stool with a seat height of about 64 to 68 cm for use at a Standard Breakfast Bar.

Sometimes the breakfast bar is mounted on small additional legs to make it higher, or the Island unit is just built with a higher overall size. Either way we have some bar stools with higher seat heights to accommodate these higher worktops. We recommend  a difference in height between the top of the seat and the top of the worktop of about 25 cm. This can fluctuate up or down by a few cm - say 5 to 10 cm either way - but 25 cm is a good yardstick to work on when selection the bar stool that suits your needs.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the adjustable bar stools obviously do adjust to the correct height for your worktop. Many adjustable stools can extend up to about 82 cm (Suitable for a worktop about 107 to 110 cm overall height) and it is possible to add packers to increase the seat height by a few more Cm.