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Glamour P Bar Stools & Matching Chairs

Glamour P Adjustable Bar Stools
Matching Glamour P Chairs
10 Different Styles of Chair Leg
6 Designs of Bar Stool Base
Real Leather or Eco Leather

Product Information

The Glamour P seat can be bolted onto 10 different styles of Chair Leg and 6 different Styles of Bar Stool base.
However they all match and co-ordinate with each other in an Open Plan Kitchen / Dining Area, especially if the same colour of upholstery is used. 

The Glamour P Seat is like an armchair. There is a Side chair, called the Glamour S. However the Glamour S chair has a higher back than the Glamour P armchair, so they do not mix and match so well.

For more details about all options available please click the highlighted hyperlinks below:-
                      Glamour P Bar Stools                                 Glamour S Bar Stools
                      Glamour P Chairs                                        Glamour S Chairs

Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
Stool Type: Luxury Stool
Style: Glamour P
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