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Glasgow Centre Pedestal Dining Table

27 Sizes of Glass Table Top,
Round, Square, Rectangular or Oval
Steel Column and Base in 3 finishes.
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Product Information

The Glasgow Dining Table has a slim Round Steel Centre Pedestal which can be finished in:-

•    Mirror Chrome
              The polished steel pedestal is given a Chrome Electro-Plated Treatment for a  
              commercial mirror finish that is timeless and hard wearing. 

•    Matt Nickel
              The steel pedestal is given a non reflective Matt Silver finish which is very popular.

•    Minimalist White
              The steel pedestal is given a hard wearing powder coating in white for a clean and light appearance.

The Base is finished to match the Pedestal.

There is no difference in price for these three finishes.

The Clear Glass Table Top is manufactured from Tempered Safety Glass, conforming to BS6206A. The edges are polished and, on the square or rectangular tops, there are 10 mm radius corners for safety. 

The leg is extremely easy to fit to the table top. There is a steel boss permanently bonded to the underside of the glass. The leg simply screws into this.

 We can supply Black Glass or Coloured Glass, as well as plain Frosted or patterned Frosted Glass Table Tops for Glasgow Centre Pedestal Tables, as optional extras.
 Please tell us what you would like and we will advise if we can supply it & confirm any extra cost involved.

Overall Table Top Height - 730 mm

Table Top Sizes Available
a) Round Tops

375 mm Diameter
450 mm Diameter
525 mm Diameter

600 mm Diameter
700 mm Diameter
800 mm Diameter
900 mm Diameter
1000 mm Diameter
1100 mm Diameter

Square Tops
525 x 525 mm 
600 x 600 mm 
700 x 700 mm
800 x 800 mm
900 x 900 mm 

Rectangular Tops
460 x 400 mm 
500 x 300 mm 
600 x 300 mm 
600 x 400 mm
600 x 500 mm 
800 x 400 mm 
1120 x 300 mm 
1120 x 400 mm
1120 x 500 mm

1200 x 600 mm 
1350 x 500 mm 

Oval Tops
900 x 600 mm 
1200 x 600 mm 

Delivery time normally between 7 and 21 days (But this can become extended at times like Christmas.)

We can also supply Customised Tabletops to virtually any size. However the delivery will be longer and the price will almost certainly be higher than the nearest standard size tabletop.

Please speak to us if you want a special size or a special finish for your table. We endeavour to supply all of your needs.    

Technical specifications

Table Type: Dining Table
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