High Bar Tables and High Bar Stools

A high bar table or poseur table is table which has an overall height of about 105 cm to 110 cm. Originally they were used in drinks bars when people could stand at the table or else sit on a High stool at the table. However they have become very popular for use in kitchens where a breakfast bar has not been fitted.
One big advantage of a high bar table in a kitchen is that it can be placed in a location where a breakfast bar could not be placed – possibly at a window or beside a radiator. In conjunction with two or three high stools this provides an ideal area for meals or casual coffees or drinks. This means you can still obtain a breakfast bar in your existing kitchen without major disruption or construction work. No need to fit new worktops or redesign the whole layout. Another advantage is that the high bar table is free-standing, so it can be moved to a different location or completely removed from the kitchen if required.
There are two ways in which the table gets its stability. Either the legs splay out quite wide, like the Mara Poseur Table, or else there is a heavy weighted base underneath the trumpet base, like the Black Glass and Clear Glass Poseur Tables.
Poseur tables are very popular for use on exhibition stands also. We have supplied quite a number to different exhibition companies and furniture hire companies over the years. The tabletops can be removed fairly easily for transporting the tables to and from exhibitions. If you are planning to transport the table back and forth between different exhibitions and a storage depot then it makes very good sense to keep the special carton in which the top is packed when it is delivered to you. This means that you can repack the top in that carton to keep it in good condition when in transit and in storage.