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Ingrid Adjustable Bar Stool

Super comfotable, Luxury Bar Stool
Available with all 30 Leather Colours,
Also the 27 Colours of Eco Leather
6 Adjustable, Swivelling Bases
10 Different Finishes for Bases
1 Fixed Height Bar Stool Base

Product Information

The Ingrid Bar Stool is a true masterpiece of modern design, offering a perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality. With its clean lines, sleek curves, and stylish pleated back detail, this stool is an eye-catching addition to any kitchen, bar, or dining area. The Ingrid Bar Stool is built to last, with a sturdy metal frame that provides reliable support and stability.

One of the standout features of this stool is its comfortable and supportive seat, which is designed to contour to the shape of your body and provide excellent lumbar support. The seat is upholstered in a variety of high-quality, easy-to-clean materials that are both durable and stylish. The Ingrid Bar Stool also features a choice of 4 different shapes of footrest that are perfectly positioned for maximum comfort, allowing you to sit back and relax while enjoying your favourite drink or meal.

Another great feature of the Ingrid Bar Stool is its adjustable height mechanism, which allows you to easily raise or lower the stool to your preferred height. This makes it an ideal choice for people of all sizes and heights, as well as for spaces with different table or counter heights. The stool also swivels 360 degrees, giving you easy access to your surroundings and allowing you to engage in conversation with ease.

The Ingrid Adjustable Bar Stool is like a tub chair on a long legs. The wrap around arms create the feeling that it is giving you a big hug !

Overall, the Ingrid Bar Stool is a stunning piece of furniture that is sure to impress. With its contemporary design, exceptional comfort, and practical features, it is the perfect addition to any modern home. Whether you're looking for a comfortable and stylish seating solution for your home bar, kitchen island or breakfast bar the Ingrid Bar Stool is the perfect choice.

Ingrid Bar Stools can be upholstered in any of the 30 Leather Colours or the 27 Man Made Eco Leather Colours.  Here is a link to the page showing most of the Leather Colours and all of the Eco -Leather Colours: -


There are 4 new leather colours, Saffron PL08, Sage PL18, Orange PL71 and Deep Green PL92. Please give us your e-mail if you want to see these 4 colours and we will forward photos to you.

Also we can cover them in various fabrics, but we do not recommend fabrics for use on Breakfast Bar Stools, because we feel that spillages can leave stains. (Leather and Eco Leather can be wiped clean easily).
However please contact us for more information if fabric covers are of interest.     

We have 6 adjustable, swivelling bases. Any of these can be fitted to Ingrid Bar Stools. See below: -

Ingrid Adjustable Bar Stools - 6 different bases available

Finishes Available for all Bases

N.B An Extra finish for the Adjustable Stool Bases has been added recently - Bronze EPC Finish

Here is the full list of available finishes for every base: -

Mirror Chrome or Black Chrome or Brushed Steel. Alternatively
Black or Charcoal or Chocolate Brown or Bronze or Gold or Nickel Satin (Silver) EPC Finish and finally
Bright Gold Plated or Brushed Gold Plated for those with larger budgets.

EPC means Epoxy Powder Coated. This hard, Matt Finish is applied to the steel, then baked in an oven.
The Nickel Satin Finish is a Matt Silver colour
The Gold Plated Finishes use Real Gold, so they are rather expensive. There is an alternative. By choosing Gold EPC finish, you will get a matt Gold Finish at a significantly lower price.

You can choose the base and the finish that you want by clicking the "Base Style and Finish" button, then pick the option you like. The extra cost for each selection will show in a bracket beside it.

N.B. The gas column must always be chrome plated because that is the only finish that is hard enough to resist the constant rubbing movement on an adjustable stool. The factory default is to supply Mirror Chrome Gas Columns. (Except for the Black Chrome Base which has a black chrome gas column.) However, with the Black, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown and Bronze finishes, we consider that the gas column should be the Black chrome finish, because it blends better. This is available as an optional extra.

We recommend the Bases with Brushed Steel or the EPC finishes because those finishes hide dust and scratches better.
The mirror chrome base cover plates act like a mirror lying flat on the ground, so they reflect everything above them - the underside of your breakfast bar, which may not be as attractive as the top with wires and brackets.
Also if a girl is wearing a short skirt (or a man is wearing a kilt ) then there can be a modesty issue. (I know, because I wear a kilt occasionally !!)

Dimensions for Ingrid Adjustable Bar Stools

Seat Height – Minimum……………… 53 cm     20.8 Inches

                         Maximum……………. 78.5 cm   30.9 Inches

Width…………………………………     55 cm      21.6 Inches

Depth -Front to Back…………………. 54 cm      21.2 Inches

Back Height from Seat to Top ……...  34 cm       13.4 Inches

Fixed Height Bar Stool

In addition, we can fit a Fixed Height, Four Leg, Steel Frame to the Ingrid Seats, which is yet another variation to allow our customers to create unique, customised Bar Stools that suit their decor.  See an image of this version below:  -

Ingrid Bar Stool with Fixed Height Base 04S

Whichever Base is fitted, the seat can be upholstered in any of the leathers or fabrics mentioned above.

Matching Dining Chairs

Ingrid Seats can be fitted onto 9 different chair bases/ legs. So those with open plan dining/ kitchens can have dining chairs that match their bar stools. Please ask for more information or check out Ingrid Chairs in the Luxury Chair section of our website (We will be adding this listing soon)

Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
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