Italian Stools v Chinese Stools

Here at Breakfast Bar Stools we bring you the highest quality Italian leather bar stools & chairs at reasonable prices. While some of our competitors may beat us on price, they only do so because they sell inferior quality Chinese-made products. 
You know that you only get what you pay for. 

The table below lists some  of the differences between Italian and Chinese-made products.

Breakfast Bar Stools Our Competitors 
Country of Manufacture Italy China
Leather Quality Finest Quality Full Grain Leather Low Grade Split Leather
Soft, Strong and Flexible Harder. Less flexible
Open Plan Kitchen/ Dining Area Matching Chairs Available No Matching Chairs
Chairs which match the barstools
in style & colour, for a co-ordinated effect.
Just try to find some chairs,
which match vaguely with
your barstools.
Colour Choices FANTASTIC Selection Limited Selection
26 colours of premium quality, 
full grain leather, PLUS
30 colours of Eco Leather
Only 5, or less, choices of
low quality leather
Chrome Plating High Quality Low Quality
System 3 Chroming
Producing a high quality finish
which is about 12 microns thick.

Ecologically Safe
Environmentally Friendly
Type 6 Chroming
Low quality finish;
About 4 microns thick.

Environmentally damaging
Carcinogenic for the operatives
Guarantee 2 Years 1 Year
EEC Regulated No regulation on quality
Finish of Base
Cover Plate
Mirror Chrome or
Brushed Steel Finish
Mirror Chrome Finish only

Please consider all of these issues before ordering your stools. You know that you get what you pay for, so if you want real quality, and a long term investment, you need to pay slightly more.