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Movie Fixed Height Stool

29 colours of Eco Leather.
Frame - Charcoal.
Suitable for a Standard Breakfast Bar.
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Product information

The Movie Counter Stool is a simple, but stylish bar stool, that is suitable for use at a standard kitchen breakfast bar. The seat height is 65 cm, which is ideal for use at a kitchen worktop that is around 91 cm high.

This Bar Stool is very stable, with a broad spread base.

The padded seat is generous in size to give good comfort and support. It can be covered in 29 colours of Magic Eco-Leather (a High Quality Man Made Leather Look- alike), so there is bound to be a colour that matches or contrasts with your decor.

The Steel Upstand serves two purposes - firstly, it is obviously a backrest, but in addition it is a good handhold for lifting the Bar Stool in or out as required.

The entire steel frame is finished in Charcoal Grey Lacquer. Ref VA

There are plastic plugs fitted underneath the steel base so that your floor is not scratched.

The Movie Counter Stool is supplied with the seat separated to save space in transit. The steel frame is fully welded and assembled in one piece, so the only assembly to be done is fitting the seat on to the brackets that are welded onto the steel frame. The whole operation takes less than 5 minutes.

Seat Height................65 cm
Seat Width........... ....44 cm
Seat Depth................36 cm
Back Height.............. 15 cm above the Seat.
Weight of each stool... 7 kg

Movie Stools are packed two per box. If you order an odd number (1 or 3 ) there is a surcharge of £20.00 applied by the factory to cover the packaging, transport and administrative costs.

The price shown is per stool, not per box (of 2 stools.)

When ordering, please specify the number of stools that you require, not the number of boxes.

Due to the large number of options for upholstery colours, it is not viable to hold Movie Stools in stock. They are manufactured to order with the normal delivery being about 6 to 7 working weeks. Surely this is not too long to wait for a high quality product?

You can place your order online. Alternatively if you wish to discuss anything, you are welcome to e-mail or phone us. 

Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
Stool Type: Fixed Height Bar Stool
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