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Nio Adjustable Bar Stool

Good General Purpose Bar Stool
Contrast Central Button Feature
6 different base designs
29 colours of Eco Leather
20 Colours of Real Leather
Matching Nio Chair available

Product Information

The Nio Adjustable Bar Stool has an interesting Design feature. It has a large upholstered button in the middle of the back. This button can be covered in any material from the same range as the main upholstery fabric, so it can match or contrast with the main upholstery colour. This gives a further opportunity to create a unique and stylish design which is absolutely unique to your project.

The Nio Adjustable Bar Stool is part of the My Way range. This range is designed so that any seat can be bolted to any base. There are 6 different Bar Stool bases available. These are illustrated below:-

Nio Bar Stools - All Bases Available.
As you can see from above, all 6 Bar Stool Bases are available in Mirror Chrome finish. In addition Base 50 can be supplied with a Black Chrome Finish and bases 52 and 55 are available with a brushed steel finish. A total of 9 options.

We offer even more ability to customise your chairs and match your décor. All Nio Bar Stools can be upholstered in any colour from the Twenty Nine colours in the Magic Eco Leather Range or the twenty colours in the Real Leather range. To view all of these upholstery colours, please click the highlighted text.

There is a range of Nio Chairs (with 10 different Leg Options) which match the Nio Bar Stools. To view these Nio Chairs,  please click on the highlighted text. The idea of Chairs to match the Bar Stools is ideal if you have an open plan kitchen/ dining area, because you can have bar stools at the breakfast bar, which match the chairs at the dining table.

Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
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