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Nio Stool and Chair

Nio Adjustable Bar Stool
Matching Nio Chair
6 Different Bar Stool Bases
10 Different Chair Bases
20 Colours of Real Leather
29 Colours of Eco Leather

Product Information

Nio Stools and Matching Nio Chairs have an interesting design feature. The big button in the back can be upholstered in a different colour from the Seat & Back. It must be from the same range - either both Real Leather or Both Eco Leather. This gives further scope for an individual colour scheme to suit your decor.

Nio Bar Stools can be fitted with 6 different bases and there are different finishes for those bases.
Nio Chairs are available with 10 different legs/ bases and most bases are available in more than one finish.

5% Rebate if you buy Bar Stools amd Matching Chairs

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Technical specifications

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