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Steve Adjustable Bar Stool  | Luxury Barstool  | Breakfast Bar Stools
Steve Adjustable Bar Stool  | Luxury Barstool  | Breakfast Bar Stools
Steve Adjustable Bar Stool  | Luxury Barstool  | Breakfast Bar Stools
Steve Adjustable Bar Stool  | Luxury Barstool  | Breakfast Bar Stools
Steve Adjustable Bar Stool  | Luxury Barstool  | Breakfast Bar Stools
5 reviews

Steve Adjustable Bar Stool.

27 Colours of Eco Leather,
30 colours of Real Leather,
6 Different Weighted Bases,
9 Different Base Finishes
Weighted Base for stability.
Near Match Dining Chair

Product Information

The Steve Adjustable Bar Stool is a stylish, modern Bar Stool that was designed in 2013 by Peressini of Italy.   It is proving very popular.
The one piece shaped seat and back is ergonomically designed to give good support and comfort. The base of the seat is laminated multi-ply, which is very strong and robust. A generous layer of foam is laid on top of this base, for comfort. Then the upholstery cover, which has attractive sewing detail, is fitted perfectly on top to give a tailored and uncluttered appearance. There is a stylish shaped steel underframe support for the seat, which can be seen from the side and back views.

Steve Stools can be supplied with 6 different bases:-

Steve Stools - All bases available
All 6 Bases are available with a Mirror Chrome Finish. In addition Base 52 & 55 can be supplied in a Brushed Steel finish, Bases 50, 51, 53 & 54 are available in Charcoal or  nickel Satin (Matt Silver) Epoxy Powder Coated finish and Base 50 is available in a Black Chrome Finish (Like a Smoked Chrome.)

Please choose which option you prefer. The bases with Brushed Steel Finish are about £26 more than the equivalent Mirror Chrome bases; however, we recommend the brushed steel finish because the mirror chrome cover plate is just like a mirror lying flat on the floor. It reflects the underside of the seat and the underside of the breakfast bar, which may not be as good looking as the top, with wires or brackets. Also, there is a modesty issue for girls wearing short skirts... or men wearing kilts. (I speak as a Scotsman who wears a kilt occasionally!). In addition the Brushed Steel base hides dust and scratches better than the mirror chrome base.

The base plate is a heavy piece of steel, which gives the Steve stool great stability. The stool weighs 20 kg (many cheap stools weigh less than 10 kg and are much less stable.)

Steve Stools with Terracotta Upholstery Covers 
Click This Photo to see more images of these Steve Stools in Terracotta Eco Leather.

Steve stools can be supplied upholstered in:-
  1. Magic Eco Leather - A superior Man Made Leather Look-a-like   - Cat A (27 Colours)
  2. Standard Leather -  Cat C ( 30 Colours of Prime Quality Real Leather)                                                        

Please  click the highlighted link to view the Leather and Eco Leather Sample Cards .                          You will see The Real Leather sample card first but just scroll down to view the Eco Leather Sample Card.

N.B. There can be a problem with dye transfer on very light colour Real Leather if someone sits on the seat on a hot day wearing dark colour "Designer Jeans" which are not colourfast. This is not the fault of the leather, but it is appalling that some clothing manufacturers do not use colourfast colours. Eco Leather is more resistant to Dye Transfer.

We are very pleased to post the sample cards to you, showing the huge colour selection in the two ranges, if you wish.  Please give your name, full postal address and telephone number if you would like to see these sample cards. Also please advise which colours or range(s) of covering  are of interest so that we only post the sample card(s) which you want to see. We do request that you return the sample card(s) to us as soon as you have made your decision, because there is constant high demand for them.

If you want to see some Steve Stools in a customer's house, then click the yellow highlight or Here

Dimensions for the Steve Adjustable Breakfast Bar Stool
Seat Height adjusts from  54 cm to 80 cm
Seat Width:                     39 cm
Seat Depth (Inside Back): 37 cm
Overall Depth:                 52 cm
Back Height:                   35 cm (Above Seat)
Square Base:                   38 cm x 38 cm
Weight :                         20 Kg

Due to the fact that there are 20 frame designs/finishes and 54 upholstery colours, it is not possible to hold stock  of Steve Adjustable Bar Stools. Also the delivery from the factory is normally only about 7 to 8 working weeks from the date of order. Surely a short wait is worthwhile to get a lifetime of pleasure and comfort from a high quality product?

Please place your order as soon as you can. We will acknowledge the order, then we will contact you after a few days once the factory confirm the delivery date for your order.

Retail Offering
A well known retailer was selling the Steve Adjustable Bar Stool under a different name. However they were only supplying it in Mirror Chrome Finish  and in Monochrome colours - Black & Grey. We offer the Steve in 54 vibrant and exciting colours with all different bases styles & finishes. We recommend the brushed steel base as a better option (see the comments above.) Also we were cheaper for the nearest equivalent. So - No Contest.  Anyway we understand that they have stopped selling it now.

Matching Chair
There is a Chair which is similar in shape and style of the Steve stool. This chair is the Rio chair. Both models are available in the same extensive range of upholstery covers. This means that you can have Steve  Bar Stools with matching Rio Chairs in an Open Plan kitchen/dining area.

Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
Stool Type: Adjustable Height Bar Stool
Based on 5 reviews
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Rosemary Crichton - Kinghorn, Fife

Purchased these fabulous stools following the advice of Graeme on suitable colours for my kitchen. The stools not only look good. They are so comfortable with good back support.

Kay McDougall - Jackton, East Kilbride, Scotland

A 5 start service from a 5 star company.

Can’t recommend Graeme highly enough. Right from the start he was professional and extremely courteous. Most important, he kept us fully informed with updates and information on our order over the few weeks we waited for our delivery, which really impressed us. Well worth waiting for. Our stools are just beautiful. Thank you. We’ll be back!!

David Hevill - Sheffield

Steve Adjustable Stools


Just a short line to let you know that the Steve stools arrived this morning. We are very pleased with them.

David Hevill

Sally Dolden - Rochester Kent

Graeme is a true gentleman, extremely helpful and very polite. I have purchased 2 adjustable Steve stools in leather and two replacement seats for some older Steve stools that we had inherited. A great comapny to do business with. Thank you Graeme


Paul Harrison - Bristol

Great product, Great service

Graeme was incredibly helpful both via email and on the phone. He worked hard to ensure that we got exactly what we wanted and was patient answering questions and providing costs. We opted for Steve barstools in Cobalt blue leather on a brushed steel base. The stools arrived within the stated timescale and we are delighted with them. They are great quality and provide the finishing touch that we were looking for. Graeme is a true specialist - buy with confidence, you will not be disappointed!

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