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Upholstery Colour Sample Cards

Two Sample Cards available:-
1) A selection of Real Leather - 30 Colours ,
2) Magic Eco Range of High Quality Man Made Material - 27 Colours.

Product Information

Upholstery Ranges & Colour Choices For Your Bar Stool Or Chair

Magic Eco Range A High Quality Man Made Leather Look-alike
Standard Range The Standard range of Real Leather colours

Magic Eco Leather is a High Quality Man Made Material.  It is very hard wearing. It looks and feels very much like leather. The price is less than real leather.

The Standard Leather Range is made from Corrected Grain European Raw Hides.
The Orbital Leather Range is made from, uncorrected Asiatic Raw Hides with a Natural Vintage Effect.
(N. B. Corrected Grain just means that Blemishes in the Leather, such as cuts and scratches, are partially hidden by running a roller, with the grain effect embossed onto it, over the top of the hide.)

We should warn you that the Orbital Leather Range is undyed and not corrected. So any scars, blotches or blemishes on the hide will be visible. These are unique to each hide and we have no control over them. If you want the upholstery cover to be uniform in colour and without blemishes then please select from the Standard range.   

Naturally all real Leather is very hard wearing. However different parts of the hide have slightly different characteristics. In particular, the hide from the belly of the beast stretches more than the hide from the back.
This is considered part of the appeal of a natural product, rather than a Man Made "copy cat" material.

Please note that streching on Leather and blemishes on the Orbital Range of Leather are not regarded as flaws so complaints about these issues will not be entertained. 

To View the Magic Eco Sample card, click the small image to the left of the Leather sample card. The images will reverse, so that the Eco Leather sample card is enlarged and the Real Leather Card is reduced in size.

We are happy to post one or both sample cards to addresses in the UK. Please advise your name, Postal Address anmd a contact phone number, as well as indicating which sample card you want to view.
If you want to see the sample cards, then please send an e-mail to us giving your full postal address and a contact phone number. Alternatively advise which card(s) or colours you want to see, so we don't send a card which is not of interest.

We do request that you return the sample card(s) as soon as you have made your decision, because they are in constant high demand.

Technical specifications

Brand: Peressini
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